Technocratic Ministers and Political Leadership in European Democracies

Technocratic Ministers and Political Leadership in European Democracies

Cotta, Maurizio; Tavares de Almeida, Pedro; Costa Pinto, Antonio

Springer International Publishing AG






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1. Beyond Party Government? Technocratic trends in society and in the executive; Antonio Costa Pinto, Maurizio Cotta and Pedro Tavares de Almeida.- 2. Non-Partisan Ministers under the French Fifth Republic (1959-2013); Marie-Helene Bruere and Daniel Gaxie.- 3. No More Political Insiders? Ministerial selection in Sweden during the post-WWII period; Hanna Back and Thomas Persson.- 4. Shades of Technocracy. The varying use of non-partisan ministers in Italy; Luca Verzichelli and Maurizio Cotta.- 5. The Primacy of Experts? Non-partisan ministers in Portuguese democracy; Antonio Costa Pinto and Pedro Tavares de Almeida.- 6. The Selection and Deselection of Technocratic Ministers in Democratic Spain; Juan Rodriguez Teruel and Miguel Jerez.- 7. Recruitment and Careers of Ministers in Central Eastern Europe and Baltic Countries; Elena Semenova.- 8. Variations in the Expert Ministerial Frameworkin Hungary and Romania: Personal and institutional explanations; Gabriella Ilonszki and Laurentiu Stefan.- 9. Turkey's Ministerial Elites: The growing importance of technical expertise; Sabri Sayari and Hasret Dikici Bilgin.- 10. Technocratic government versus party government? Non-partisan ministers and the changing parameters of political leadership in European democracies; Maurizio Cotta.

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