Politics, Gender and Conceptual Metaphors

Politics, Gender and Conceptual Metaphors

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List of Tables and Figures Acknowledgements Notes on the Contributors Analyzing Conceptual Metaphors in Political Language; K.Ahrens PART I: GENDER AND CONCEPTUAL METAPHORS IN POLITICAL SPEECHES Metaphor, Politics and Gender: A Case Study from Germany; V.Koller & E.Semino Metaphor, Politics, and Gender: A Case Study from Italy; E.Semino & V.Koller Gender versus Politics: When Conceptual Models Collide; K.Ahrens & S.Lee Non una Donna in Politica, ma una Donna Politica: Women's Political Language in an Italian Context; G.Philip The Metaphorical Construction of Ireland; E.Hidalgo Tenorio PART II: GENDER AND CONCEPTUAL METAPHORS IN POLITICAL DEBATES Metaphor and Gender in British Parliamentary Debates; J.Charteris-Black Sex Differences in the Usage of Spatial Metaphors: A Case Study of Political Language; A.Stefanowitsch & J.Goschler Conceptual Metaphors of Family and Home in Political Debates in the USA; K.Adams PART III: WOMEN IN GENDERED CONCEPTUAL METAPHORS Women and the Body Politic: A Critical Multimodal Analysis of Metaphor in Advertising; M.Lazar Power as a Conceptual Metaphor of Gender Inequality? Comparing Dutch and Spanish Politics; P.Meier & E.Lombardo Gendered Metaphors of Women in Power: The Case of Hillary Clinton as Madonna, Unruly Woman, Bitch, and Witch; E.Lim Index
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