Political Leaders and Changing Local Democracy

Political Leaders and Changing Local Democracy

The European Mayor

Heinelt, Hubert; Reynaert, Herwig; Magnier, Annick; Cabria, Marcello

Springer International Publishing AG






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Chapter 1. Introduction; Hubert Heinelt, Annick Magnier, Marcello Cabria and Herwig Reynaert.- Chapter 2. Local government systems: Grasping the institutional environment of mayors; Hubert Heinelt, Nikos Hlepas, Sabine Kuhlmann and Pawel Swianiewicz.- Chapter 3. From the few are still chosen the few? Continuity and change in the social background of European Mayors; Kristof Steyvers and Lluis Medir.- Chapter 4. How to become a mayor? Mayoral career patterns, seniority and ambitions; Jeremy Dodeigne, Joanna Krukowska and Aiste Lazauskiene.- Chapter 5. Institutional environments and mayors' role perceptions; Ivan Kopric, Eva Marin Hlynsdottir, Jasmina Dzinic and Enrico Borghetto.- Chapter 6. Mayors' notions of local democracy; Angelika Vetter, Hubert Heinelt and Lawrence E. Rose.- Chapter 7. Leadership Styles of European Mayors: How much have they changed over the past twelve years?; Nikos Hlepas, Thanos Chantzaras and Panos Getimis.- Chapter 8. Mayors' agendas: Emerging variations on the theme of entrepreneurialism; Marcello Cabria, Annick Magnier and Patricia Pereira.- Chapter 9. Political leadership in issue networks: How mayors rule their world?; Bas Denters, Kristof Steyvers, Pieter-Jan Klok and Daniel Cermak.- Chapter 10. Mayors and vertical relations after the financial crisis; Oliver Dlabac, Marta Lackowska and Daniel Kuebler.- Chapter 11. Mayors and Parties; Bjoern Egner, Adam Gendzwill, Pawel Swianiewicz and Werner Pleschberger.- Chapter 12. Mayors in the Town Hall. Patterns of relations and conflict among municipal actors; Carmen Navarro, David Karlsson, Jaume Magre and Iveta Reinholde.- Chapter 13. Mayors and Administrative Reforms; Sabine Kuhlmann, Markus Seyfried and Irena Baclija Brajnik.- Chapter 14. Mayors and spatial planning in their cities; Annick Magnier, Panos Getimis, Marcello Cabria and Luis Baptista. Chapter 15. Conclusion; Herwig Reynaert, Hubert Heinelt, Annick Magnier and Marcello Cabria. ;
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Local government;Municipal administration;Local Autonomy Index;Political recruitment;Political careers;Political ambition;Leadership;Directly elected mayors;Indirectly designated mayors;Institutions;Participatory democracy;Representative democracy;Urban regime;Economic crisis;Decentralization;Political parties;Party Significance Index;New Public Management;Public Private Partnership;Strategic planning