Canada's Public Diplomacy

Canada's Public Diplomacy


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1. IntroductionNicholas J. Cull and Michael K. Hawes Part I: Canadian Public Diplomacy Between Theory and Practice. 2. Is Canada Back? Prerequisites for a Diplomatic RenaissanceDaryl Copeland 3. Three Cheers for Diplomatic Frivolity: Canadian Public Diplomacy Embraces the Digital WorldEvan Potter 4. The Return of Trudeaumania: A Public Diplomacy Shift in Foreign & Defence Policy?Stefanie von Hlatky 5. Competing Images of Canada in the World: Instrumental Nuances/Symbolic DividesAndrew Cooper 6. Digital Canada after the Lost Decade: A Chance to LeadCory Doctorow Part II: Case Studies in Canadian Public Diplomacy 7. International Gifts and Public Diplomacy: Canada's Capital in 2017Mark Kristmanson 8. Do We Need a Canadian International Broadcasting Service?Ira Wagman 9. Bridging the 49th ParallelSarah E. K. Smith 10. Archaeology, Culture And International Law: Public Diplomacy and the Legal Travels of The Dead Sea ScrollsBernard Duhaime and Camille Labadie 11. We're Back: Redefining Public Diplomacy in CanadaMichael Hawes
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Justin Trudeau;Prime minister;Foreign ministry;stakeholder engagement;image;statecraft;branding;Nation Brands Index;charisma;soft power