Life Below Water

Life Below Water

Wall, Tony; Brandli, Luciana; Azul, Anabela Marisa; Lange Salvia, Amanda; Leal Filho, Walter

Springer International Publishing AG






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Adaptation to Sea-Level Rise and Sustainable Development Goals.- Antarctic: Climate Change, Fisheries, and Governance.- Antarctica and NE Greenland: Marine Pollution in a Changing World.- Aquaculture: Farming Our Food in Water.- Artisanal Fisheries: Management and Sustainability.- Artisanal Fishing Gears and Sustainable Development.- Biological Invasions as a Threat to Global Sustainability.- Blue Bioeconomy and the Sustainable Development Goals.- Bycatch: Causes, Impacts, and Reduction of Incidental Captures.- Cetacean Health: Global Environmental Threats.- CO 2-Induced Ocean Acidification.- Coastal Defenses and Engineering Works.
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Sustainability;Sustainable aquaculture;Overfishing;Sustainable Development;Marine Pollution;Marine and Coastal Ecosystems;Ocean Acidification;Marine Technology;Fishing and Fishing Practices