Lithospheric Architecture and Precambrian Geology of the Hoggar and Adjacent Areas

Lithospheric Architecture and Precambrian Geology of the Hoggar and Adjacent Areas

A reference case for mapping and modeling in geosciences

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Authors Provisional Title of paper Y. Quesnel (CEREGE, U. d'Aix en Provence, France) et al. Property magnetic from to continental to cristal : application to BIF of In Ouzzal terrane (Hoggar, algeria) Bodinier (U. Montpellier II, France) et al Geochemical modeling of melt-rock reactions and application to metasomatized mantle xenoliths from northern Africa Julien Berger (U. Toulouse, France), Riad Ben El Khaznadji (USTHB, Algeria) et al Multiscale Analysis and geodynamic interpretation of morphostructural data associated with Cenozoic volcanism of Hoggar A. Bouzid (CRAAG, Algeria), J-P. Liegeois (MRAC, Belgium) et al Lithospheric structure of the central Hoggar (Tuareg Shield, southern Algeria): Electrical constraints from magnetotelluric data H. Ayadi (CRAAG, Algeria), C, Dorbath (U. Strasbourg, France) et al Elastic lithosphere investigation using wide seismic profil : Application to West Hoggar A. Bendaoud (USTHB, Algeria), G. Godard (IPGP, France) Geochronology and P-T path of Corundum bearing amphibolites of Tamrasset (Hoggar, Algeria) : modelling by pseudosections M. Amara (USTHB, Algeria), M. Jessel (Centre for Exploration Targeting, University of Western Australia), Z. Hamimi (U. Benha, Egypt), B. Zoheir (U. Benha, Egypt) Integration of spectral remote sensing and geophysical airborne data for 3D crustal mapping of precambrian Tazat terrane (Hoggar, Algeria) G. Godard (IPGP, France) PCalc : a software for application the linear algebra to petrologic problems M. Hamoudi (USTHB, Algeria), H. Kaabeche (USTHB, Algeria), A. Bendaoud (USTHB, Algeria) Curie point depth mapping from spectral analysis of aeromagnetic data : application to South Algeria A. Vauchez (U. Montpellier II, France), T. Lamri (USTHB, Algeria) et al UHT deformation : An EBSD study on granulites from In Ouzzal terrane (Hoggar, Algeria) M.C. Chabou and H. Bertrand (ENS de Lyon, France) Mapping and geochemistry of the North African CAMP
Geological Mapping and Modelling;Hoggar Shield;West African Craton;Geological Structures;Modelling Geodynamical and Petrological Processes;Algerian Precambian Domain