Encyclopedia of Ocean Engineering

Encyclopedia of Ocean Engineering

Cui, Weicheng; Hu, Zhiqiang; Fu, Shixiao

Springer Verlag, Singapore






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Fixed and floating offshore oil and gas platforms.- Pipelines and risers.- Cables and mooring.- Buoy technology.- Foundation engineering.- Ocean mining.- Marine and offshore renewable energy.- Aquaculture engineering.- Subsea engineering.- Ship and special marine vehicle design.- Intact and damaged stability.- Technology for energy efficiency and green shipping.- Ship production technology.- Decommissioning and recycling.- Ice mechanics.- Ice-structure interaction.- Polar operations.- Polar design.- Environmental protection.- AUV/ROV/HOV design.- AUV/ROV/HOV hydrodynamics.-Maneuvering and control; and underwater-specific communicating and sensing systems for AUV/ROV/HOVs.
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Naval architecture;Offshore structures;Buoy technology;Underwater technology;Subsea engineering;Fixed and floating offshore oil;Gas platforms;Cables and mooring;Ocean mining;Marine and offshore renewable energy;Aquaculture engineering;Ship and special marine vehicle design;Ice mechanics;Ice-structure interaction;Polar operations;Polar design;AUV/ROV/HOV design;AUV/ROV/HOV hydrodynamics;Underwater-specific communicating and sensing systems