Identity, Language and Belonging on Jersey

Identity, Language and Belonging on Jersey

Migration and the Channel Islands

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Chapter 1: Introduction.- Part I: Jersey Through the Ages: An Island of Migration.- Chapter 2: Jersey: Island, Sea, People.- Chapter 3: Historical Migrations: Jersey as a Multicultural Space.- Part II: Jersey in the Twentieth and Twenty First Centuries: Ideologies, Identities, Integration and Language.- Chapter 4: Contemporary Migrations: Global Movement and Transnationalism.- Chapter 5: Problematising the Local: Islanded Identities and Sociolinguistic Realities.- Chapter 6: Contemporary Migrations: the Madeiran Portuguese.- Chapter 7: Concluding Remarks.
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Madeiran Portuguese;Lusophone Studies;Transnational lives;Language use;Heritage languages;isolation;insularity;travel and tourism;multiculturalism;history of Jersey;Jerriais;Breton;belonging