Exploring the Marine Ecology from Space

Exploring the Marine Ecology from Space

Experience from Russian-Norwegian cooperation

Pettersson, Lasse H.; Pozdnyakov, Dmitry V.; Korosov, Anton A.

Springer International Publishing AG






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Chapter 1. Methodological approaches.- Chapter 2. Investigations of the water body biogeochemistry and phytoplankton biomass variability in time and space.- Chapter 3. Investigation of harmful/nuisance algal blooms in marine environments.- Chapter 4. Investigations of primary production dynamics in the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans.- Chapter 5. Numerical modelling of the marine ecosystem.- Chapter6. Integration and dissemination of multisensor spaceborne information.
Marine satellite remote sensing;Information retrieval algorithms;Water quality parameters;Phytoplankton;Harmful/nuisance algae;Marine primary production;Marine ecosystem numerical modelling;Satellite data acquisition and processing systems;European Copernicus programme;remote sensing/photogrammetry;marine and freshwater sciences;climate change