21st Century Maritime Silk Road: Construction of Remote Islands and Reefs

Chongwei Zheng; Chongyin Li; Hailang Wu

Springer Singapore





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This book focuses on the construction of remote islands and reefs in the Maritime Silk Road. Firstly, it analyzes the functions, necessity and difficulties of the construction of remote islands and reefs; then provides corresponding countermeasures. According to the urgent demand of electricity and freshwater, it focus on wave and offshore wind energy evaluation of the important remote islands and reefs of the Maritime Silk Road, providing reference for the choice of location of power plants, daily operation and long term plan of wave/wind power generation. Several important key points are selected in the case study to realize their electricity and freshwater self-sufficiency and thus to improve their viability. This book also presents the marine characteristics (especially hazardous elements) under the demands of island runway construction and marine new energy development, to promote safe and efficient implementation of the remote islands and reefs construction. This book is one of the series of publications on the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road (shortened as “Maritime Silk Road”). It covers the characteristics of the marine environment and marine new energy, remote islands and reefs construction, climate change, early warning of wave disasters, legal escort, marine environment and energy big data construction, etc. contributing to the safe and efficient construction of the Maritime Silk Road. It aims to improve our knowledge of the ocean, thus to improve the capacity for marine construction, enhance the viability of remote islands and reefs, ease the energy crisis and protect the ecological environment, improve the quality of life of residents along the Maritime Silk Road, and protect the rights, interests of the countries and regions participating in the construction of the Maritime Silk Road. It will be a valuable reference for decision-makers, researchers, and marine engineers working in the related fields.
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