A Practical Guide to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Intraocular Inflammation

Papaliodis, George

Springer International Publishing AG






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Written as a practical guide for the diagnosis and treatment of uveitis, this text provides uveitis specialists, practicing ophthalmologists, ophthalmology residents and fellows with the appropriate diagnostic testing and evidenced-based therapeutic options for managing patients afflicted with these conditions.
1. Introduction.- 2. Signs and Symptoms of Uveitis.- 3. Clinical approach to the patient with uveitis.- 4. Laboratory testing.- 5. Medical therapy for uveitis.- 6. Surgical therapy for uveitis.- 7. Traumatic uveitis.- 8. Uveitis associated with viral infections.- 9. Uveitis associated with bacterial infections.- 10. Uveitis associated with fungal infections.- 11. Uveitis associated with protozoal infections.- 12. Uveitis associated with helminthic infections.- 13. Uveitis associated with insect infestation.- 14. Uveitis associated with animal vectors.- 15. Ocular inflammation secondary to type I hypersensitivity.- 16. Ocular inflammation secondary to type II hypersensitivity.- 17. Ocular inflammation secondary to type III hypersensitivity.- 18. Ocular inflammation secondary to type IV hypersensitivity.- 19. Neoplastic and Infectious diseases masquerading as uveitis.
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