Transnational Entrepreneurship

Transnational Entrepreneurship

Issues of SME Internationalization in the Indian Context

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Part I: Introduction - Chapter 1. Internationalization of SMEs: The Role of Strategies, Resources and the Ecosystem.- Part II: Individual and Firm-level Resources for Internationalization.- Chapter 2.Internationalization of SMEs in Emerging Economies: Critical Role of Firm level Resources.- Chapter 3. Returnee Entrepreneurs (REs): A Comparison between Direct and Indirect REs on the use of Social Ties for New Venture Creation.- Chapter 4. Survival of Indian High-tech Start-ups: A Comparison between Transnational and Local Entrepreneurs.- Chapter 5. Entrepreneurs to Enterprise (E2E): Facilitating Internationalization of SMEs through Virtual Entrepreneurship.- Chapter 6. Information Asymmetry Risks in VC Investments: Strategies of Transnational VC Firms in India.- Chapter 7. Influence of Information Systems Strategic Orientation on SMEs' Perception of Export Barriers.-Chapter 8. Strategies and Processes of Internationalization: A Case Study of the KARAM Group of Companies.- Chapter 9. Serviced Apartments Industry in India: A Study on Issues, Growth Prospects and Best Practices for Internationalization.- Chapter 10. Motives, Drivers and Barriers for Internationalization: A Study of SMEs in Andhra Pradesh.- Part III: Ecosystem for Internationalization.-Chapter 11. Institutional Voids and their Impact on Transnational Entrepreneurship: A Study of Sri Lankan Entrepreneurs.- Chapter 12. SME Performance and Access to Export Markets: The Role of Institutional Credit.- Chapter 13. Internationalization of Auto-component SMEs: A Case-based Analysis of the Role of Institutional Networks.- Chapter 14. APEC's Impact on Internationalization: Comparison between Global Value Chain (GVC) SMEs and Born Global SMEs.- Chapter 15. Development and Internationalization of Women's Enterprises: Benchmarking Indian Policies with OECD Policies.-Chapter 16. Ecosystem for Social Entrepreneurship in India: Facilitating Returnee Entrepreneurs.-Chapter 17. Internationalization of Incubatee SMEs: The Role of Government supported Incubators.- Part IV: Evolution and Organizational Change for Internationalization.- Chapter 18. Internationalization of SMEs: A Darwinian Perspective.- Chapter 19. Organizational Transformation of Internationalizing High-tech SMEs in India: A Case-based Analysis.- Chapter 20. Internationalization of New Technology Ventures: Organization Development for Innovation and Creativity.
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