Programming Approach and the Demise of Economics

Programming Approach and the Demise of Economics

Volume I: A Revival of Myrdal, Frisch, Tinbergen, Johansen and Leontief

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Chapter 1 - How 'scientific' are the social sciences? Chapter 2 - Toward a new scientific paradigm for the social science: according to Myrdal Chapter 3 - Planning and planning theory: the difficult legacy of Ragnar Frisch Chapter 4 - Basic requirements for the programming approach Chapter 5 - The 'programming approach' Chapter 6 - The political preference function Chapter 7 - The impact of the programming approach on socio-economic modelling Chapter 8 - The World-Wide Vision and the 'Central Planning' Vision: Methodology for the Implementation of the 'Programming Approach' (The Great Jan Tinbergen's Role' ) Chapter 9- The Pitfalls of Implicit Theorising and the Abuse of Indirect Statistical Inference: Leontief 's Criticism (of Robinson, Kahn, Hicks, Keynes and Many Other Authors, Based on Implicit Theorising)
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