Palgrave International Handbook of Human Trafficking

Palgrave International Handbook of Human Trafficking


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Part 1: History of Slavery and Trafficking in Persons.- 1. The evolution of slavery: From antiquity to Contemporary times.- 2. Globalization and Human Trafficking: Slavery in the 21st Century.- 3. Resistance and the Enslaved.- Part 2: Explanations and methods of inquiry.- 1. The nebulous definition of slavery: Definitions of slavery.- 2. Measuring immeasurable.- 3. Data and methods used.- 4. Ethical questions related to the research.- 5. Developing a universal standard of care for victims of trafficking under the guise of torture trauma.- 6. Corporate criminal liability for human trafficking.- 7. Corruption and human trafficking.- Part 3: Types of trafficking in human beings.- 1. The Confused and Erratic Response to Migrant Smuggling, Human Trafficking and the Mass Movement of Refugees.- 2. The challenge of addressing both forced labour and sexual exploitation.- 3. Telling Victims from Criminals: Human Trafficking for the Purpose of Criminal Exploitation.- 4. Defining child trafficking for labour exploitation, forced child labour and child labour.- 5. Child soldiers.- 6. Organ, tissue, cell trafficking.- 7. Domestic Sex Trafficking of Youth.- 8. Family violence and exploitation: examining the contours of violence and exploitation.- 9. Sex trafficking.- 10. From the Street Corner to the Digital World: How the Digital Age Impacts Sex Trafficking Detection and Data Collection.- 11. The onset of global violent extremism and its nexus with human trafficking.- 12. Transplant tourism and human trafficking.- 13. Forced Marriage.- 14. Potentially: Consent in Human Trafficking.- Part 4: Human Trafficking and response mechanisms.- 1.The Nordic Model.- 2.Creating Sanctuary: Trauma-Informed Change for Survivors of Sex Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation.- 3.Human Rights vs. Prosecution.- 4.The United Nation's 4Ps model in response to human trafficking etc.
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