Palgrave Handbook of Globalization and Sport

Palgrave Handbook of Globalization and Sport

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1. Introduction: Mapping the Global Sports Sphere (Joseph Maguire, Katie Liston and Mark Falcous).- 2. Globalization and Sport: Reflections and Projections (Alan Tomlinson).- 3. 'Weaponizing' the Commodity Chain: Sport Anthropology and Globalization (Alan Klein).- 4. Getting to the Uber-Sport Assemblage (David L. Andrews).- 5. Sport, Globalization and the Modern World: Zones of Prestige and Established-Outsider Relations (Joseph Maguire).- 6. The Challenges of Sport and Globalization (David Rowe).- 7. Globalization or Coloniality? Delinking from the Roving Colonialism of Sport Mega-Events (Heather Sykes).- 8. China, Sport and Globalization (Susan Brownell).- 9. Globalization, Ideology, and Sport (Michael D. Giardina, Tarlan Chahardovali and Joshua L. Newman).- 10. Globalization, Sport and Gender Relations (Katie Liston and Joseph Maguire).- 11. Transnational Perspectives on Sport, Globalization and Migration (Sine Agergaard).- 12. Globalization and the Economics of Sport Business (Hans Westerbeek).- 13. Economic Globalization of the Sports Industry (Wladimir Andreff).- 14. Financial Fair Play: Problematization in men's professional football (Stephen Morrow).- 15. Global Mediasport: Contexts, Texts, Effects (Mark Falcous).- 16. Greening and Cleaning World Football: The Environment, Clientelism And Media Failure (Toby Miller).- 17. Mediating Contested Narratives of the Globalization of Sport: the case of surfing (Douglas Booth).- 18. Gianni Infantino and using 'the power of football' to make a troubled globalized world 'a more peaceful place'? (Peter J. Beck).- 19. Origin and Global Spread of the German Form of Physical Culture: Gymnastics and Turnen (Annette R. Hofmann and Michael Kruger).- 20. Diasporas in Sport: Networks, Nostalgia and the Nuances of Dwelling (Janelle Joseph).- 21. Militarized Civic Ritual: Pentagon, Police, and U.S. Professional Football (Kimberly S. Schimmel).- 22. Globalized Sport and Development from a Commonwealth Perspective (Cora Burnett).- 23. Voices from the South: Emerging Sport and Development Trends on the Global Policy Agenda (Marion Keim and Christo De Coning).- 24. Levelling the Playing Field: Investing in Grassroots Sports as the Best Bet for Sustainable Development (Ben Sanders and Jay Coakley).- 25. The Role of Sport in Refugee Settlement: Definitions, Knowledge Gaps and Future Directions (Ramon Spaaij, Jora Broerse, Sarah Oxford and Carla Luguetti).- 26. The Paradox of Sport for Development: Evangelism and a Call for Evidence (Fred Coalter).- 27. Revisiting Sport-for-Development through Rights, Capabilities and Global Citizenship (Simon Darnell, Tavis Smith and Catherine Houston).- 28. Sport Governance, Democracy and Globalization (Lucie Thibault).- 29. Ethical Governance and the Olympic Movement (Bruce Kidd).- 30. Sport, Globalization and Democracy (Grant Jarvie).
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sport;globalization;international relations;politics;mediasport;development;diaspora;football;gymnastics