Legal Technology Guidebook

Legal Technology Guidebook

Williams, Kimberly; McCann, Peter; Facciola, John M.; Catanzaro, Vincent M.

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book provides the necessary content by including legal technology texts, information about novel pedagogical technologies, helpful tools for managing legal technologies and IT staff, statistical methods, tips and checklists.
Chapter 1-Introduction to Ethics and Technology.- Chapter 2-Technological Competence.- Chapter 3-Outsourcing.- Chapter 4-Receipt of Privileged Information.- Chapter 5- What Is Technology?.- Chapter 6-How Did We Get Here?.- Chapter 12-Technology Assisted Review.- Chapter 14-Effective Communication.- Chapter 17-Effective Supervision.- Chapter 18-Using Technology for Improved Billing & Business.- Chapter 19-Understanding Business Impact of Competence Failures in Technology.