Human Body and Weightlessness

Human Body and Weightlessness

Operational Effects, Problems and Countermeasures

Thornton, William; Bonato, Frederick

Springer International Publishing AG






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1. An Introduction to Weightlessness and Its Effects on Humans.- 2. Basic Mechanisms.- 3. Space Motion Sickness and Vestibular Adaptation to Weightlessness.- 4. Fluid Shifts and Loss.- 5. Cephalic Fluid Dynamics and Ocular Changes in Weightlessness.- 6. Loss of Muscle and Bone During Spaceflight.- 7. Countermeasures to Loss of Muscle and Bone During Spaceflight.- 8. Loss of Aerobic Capacity During Weightlessness.- 9. Neuromuscular Inhibition.- 10. Loss of Body Mass During Weightlessness.- 11. Accommodations to Weightlessness.
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Adaptation Weightlessness;Fluid Shifts in Space;Microgravity Effects on Humans;Muscle Bone Loss in Space;Space Motion Sickness;Space Travel Challenges;Visual Effects Spaceflight;Weightlessness and the Human Body;Weightlessness Countermeasures;Weightlessness Effects on Humans