Future of Creation Order

Future of Creation Order

Vol. 2, Order Among Humans: Humanities, Social Science and Normative Practices


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Chapter1. Introduction: Re-thinking the Idea of Creation Order Among Humans (Govert Buijs).- A. Fundamental Reflections: Chapter2. Creation Order in the Light of Redemption (2): Political Philosophy (Henk Geertsema).- Chapter3. The Shine on Things: Given Beauty and the Order of Creation (William Desmond).- Chapter4. Response: The Beauty of Repetition, or: How to become a friend of Job (Renee van Riessen).- Chapter5 Nature, Kant and God: Divine Genius as Source of Respect for Nature (Gordon Graham).- Chapter6. Response: Unveiling the Aesthetic in Nature (Adrienne Dengerink Chaplin).- Chapter7. Divine Commands as the Basis for Moral Obligations (C. Stephen Evans).- Chapter8. Response: The Divine Command to Transcend Morality (Edith Brugmans).- Chapter9. Love and Justice (Nicholas Wolterstorff).- Chapter10. Macrostructures and Societal Principles: An Architectonic Critique (Lambert Zuidervaart).- Chapter11. Response: the Hermeneutics of Suffering, Creation Order and the Critique of Modern Society (Govert Buijs).- B. Normative practices: Chapter 12. Covenantal Ethics for Health Care. Alternative to Principles-based Ethics and Convergence with Normative Practices (James J. Rusthoven).- Chapter 13. Normative Dimensions of Corporate Communication (Jan van der Stoep).- Chapter14. The Problem Of 'The International Community': Re-Configuring The International Legal Order From A Dooyeweerdian Standpoint (Romel Bagares).- Chapter15. A Practice-Based Theory to Explain Religion in International Relations (Simon Polinder).- Chapter16. Towards a Normative Model for the Practice of Cooperation in Development (Henk Jochemsen).
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