Future of Creation Order

Future of Creation Order

Vol. 2, Order Among Humans: Humanities, Social Science and Normative Practices

Buijs, Govert J.; Mosher, Annette K.

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book investigates humanities, social sciences and politics from the perspective of the concept of creation order. This series reflects the role that the branch of Christian philosophy called Reformational' philosophy plays in the discussion on the status of laws of nature.
Chapter1. Introduction: Re-thinking the Idea of Creation Order Among Humans (Govert Buijs).- A. Fundamental Reflections: Chapter2. Creation Order in the Light of Redemption (2): Political Philosophy (Henk Geertsema).- Chapter3. The Shine on Things: Given Beauty and the Order of Creation (William Desmond).- Chapter4. Response: The Beauty of Repetition, or: How to become a friend of Job (Renee van Riessen).- Chapter5 Nature, Kant and God: Divine Genius as Source of Respect for Nature (Gordon Graham).- Chapter6. Response: Unveiling the Aesthetic in Nature (Adrienne Dengerink Chaplin).- Chapter7. Divine Commands as the Basis for Moral Obligations (C. Stephen Evans).- Chapter8. Response: The Divine Command to Transcend Morality (Edith Brugmans).- Chapter9. Love and Justice (Nicholas Wolterstorff).- Chapter10. Macrostructures and Societal Principles: An Architectonic Critique (Lambert Zuidervaart).- Chapter11. Response: the Hermeneutics of Suffering, Creation Order and the Critique of Modern Society (Govert Buijs).- B. Normative practices: Chapter 12. Covenantal Ethics for Health Care. Alternative to Principles-based Ethics and Convergence with Normative Practices (James J. Rusthoven).- Chapter 13. Normative Dimensions of Corporate Communication (Jan van der Stoep).- Chapter14. The Problem Of The International Community': Re-Configuring The International Legal Order From A Dooyeweerdian Standpoint (Romel Bagares).- Chapter15. A Practice-Based Theory to Explain Religion in International Relations (Simon Polinder).- Chapter16. Towards a Normative Model for the Practice of Cooperation in Development (Henk Jochemsen).
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