Book of Genes and Genomes

Book of Genes and Genomes

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Forward -- A Brave New World [Part I -- Introduction] Chapter 1. From Genes to Genomes: What's It All About? ([Author's Note: Introduction; include short genetics history] [Part II - Medical Applications] Chapter 2. My Family's Medical History (and why it's important for me to know) Chapter 3. A Savior Sibling [Author's Note: Preimplantation genetic diagnosis/Selection] Chapter 4. Too Few, Too Many [Author's Note: Aneuploidy/Copy Number Variation] Chapter 5. You've Probably Already Had a Genetic Test (But no one told you): Newborn Screening Chapter 6. Sweet Blood (Genetics and Diabetes) Chapter 7. Will this Drug Work for You? [Author's Note: Pharmacogenetics/Creating a Drug Just for You] Chapter 8. No Two Cancers Are the Same [Author's Note: Microarrays and Disease sub-classification] Chapter 9. Can We Fix our Faulty Genes? [Author's Note: Gene Therapy/Genome Editing-CRISPR] Chapter 10. Hunting the Invisible Bugs through DNA (Author's Note: Infectious disease/MRSA story) Chapter 11. Can Genes Explain Behavior? (Note: Behavioral Genetics/Gene x Environment) [Part III - Non-medical Applications] Chapter 12. The Not So Golden Age of Golden Rice {alternative title: Tastier (and Healthier) Foods through Genetic Technology} Chapter 13. Cleaning up the Environment: New Ways to Detect Land Mines and Digest Oil Chapter 14. Genetics and the Crime Scene: Just like TV? Chapter 15. Are We Related to Cavemen? [Alternative Title: Ancient Ancestors] [Author's Note: Neanderthal/woolly mammoth/Population history/Redefining Race] Chapter 16. Creating New Life [Alternative Title: Bringing back Extinct Species] Chapter 17. Genetic Testing Without A Physician - A Brave New World [Author's Note: Direct to Consumer Marketing] [move this to Part II?]
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