Teacher Noticing: Bridging and Broadening Perspectives, Contexts, and Frameworks

Teacher Noticing: Bridging and Broadening Perspectives, Contexts, and Frameworks

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Introduction: Probing Beneath the Surface of Experience.- Teacher Noticing in Various Grade Bands and Contexts: Commentary.- From a Framework to a Lens: Learning to Notice Student Mathematical Thinking.- Investigating Secondary Preservice Teacher Noticing of Students' Mathematical Thinking.- A Case Study of Middle School Teachers' Noticing during Modeling with Mathematics Tasks.- Using Video of Peer Teaching to Examine Grades 6-12 Preservice Teachers' Noticing.- Examining Student Thinking through Teacher Noticing: Commentary.- Mathematical Teacher Noticing: The Key to Learning from Lesson Study.- Learning to Notice Student Thinking about the Equal Sign: K-8 Pre-service Teachers' Experiences in a Teacher Preparation Program.- Following a Teacher's Mathematical and Scientific Noticing across Career Progression from Field Experiences to Classroom Teaching.- Noticing Students' Conversations and Gestures during Group Problem-Solving in Mathematics.- Extending Equitable Practices in Teacher Noticing: Commentary.- "Everything Matters": Mexican-American Prospective Elementary Teachers Noticing Issues of Status and Participation While Learning to Teach Mathematics.- "Maybe It's a Status Problem." Development of Mathematics Teacher Noticing for Equity.- Making Visible the Relationship between Teachers' Noticing for Equity and Equitable Teaching Practice.- Complexities in Measuring Teacher Noticing: Commentary.- Measuring Noticing Within Complex Mathematics Classroom Interactions.- Using Mathematical Learning Goals To Analyze Teacher Noticing.- Measuring Elementary Mathematics Teachers' Noticing: Using Child Study as a Vehicle.- Investigating the Relationship Between Professional Noticing and Specialized Content Knowledge.- A Standardized Approach for Measuring Teachers' Professional Vision: The Observer Research Tool.- Challenges in Measuring Secondary Mathematics Teachers' Professional Noticing of Students' Mathematical Thinking.- Exploring the Boundaries of Teacher Noticing: Commentary.- Shifting Perspectives on Preservice Teachers' Noticing of Children's Mathematical Thinking.- Curricular Noticing: Theory on and Practice of Teachers' Curricular Use.- The FOCUS Framework: Characterising Productive Noticing during Lesson Planning, Delivery, and Review.- Noticing Distinctions Among and Within Instances of Student Mathematical Thinking.- Teachers' Professional Noticing from a Perspective of Key Elements of Intensive, One-to-one Intervention.- The Ascendance of Noticing: Connections, Challenges, and Questions
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