Systems Thinking and Moral Imagination

Systems Thinking and Moral Imagination

Rethinking Business Ethics with Patricia Werhane

Bevan, David J.; Werhane, Patricia H.; Wolfe, Regina W.

Springer International Publishing AG






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Preface.- Acknowledgments.- Part I: Introduction.- Chapter 1 The Constitutive Nature of Rules.- Chapter 2 The Normative/Descriptive Distinction in Methodologies of Business Ethics.- Chapter 3 A Theory of Moral Rights.- Chapter 4 The Compatibility of Freedom, Equality, and a Communitarian Notion of the Self.- Part II: Mental Models and Moral Imagination.- Chapter 5 Moral Imagination and the Search for Ethical Decision Making in Management.- Chapter 6 Moral Motivation Across Ethical Theories: What Can We Learn for Designing Corporate Ethics Programs? with Simone de Colle.- Chapter 7 The role of mental models in social construction with Laura Hartman, Crina Archer, Elaine Englehardt and Michael Pritchard.- Chapter 8 Globalization, mental models and decentering stakeholder approaches.- Chapter 9 Social Constructivism, Mental Models, and the Problem of Obedience with L.P. Hartman, D. Moberg, E. Englehardt, M. Pritchard, and B. Parmar.- Chapter 10 Human Rights as Social Constructions with Thomas E. Wren.- Part III: Systems Thinking.- Chapter 11 Mental Models, Moral Imagination and Systems Thinking in the Age of Globalization.- Chapter 12 Business Ethics, Organization Ethics, and Systems Ethics for Health Care.- Chapter 13 Women Leaders in a Globalized World.- Chapter 14 Building Partnerships to Create Social and Economic Value at the Base of the Global Development Pyramid with J.M. Calton, L.P. Hartman, and D. Bevan.- Part IV: Adam Smith's Contributions to Business Ethics.- Chapter 15 The role of self-interest in Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations.- Chapter 16 Freedom, commodification, and the alienation of labor in Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations.- Chapter 17 Business Ethics and the Origins of Contemporary Capitalism: Economics and Ethics in the Work of Adam Smith and Herbert Spencer.- Chapter 18 The Inexorable Sociality of Commerce: The Individual and Others in Adam Smith with D. Bevan.- Part V: Big Questions in Business Ethics.- Chapter 19 The Rashomon Effect.- Chapter 20 The principle of double effect and moral risk: some case studies of US transnational corporations.- Chapter 21 Obstacles to ethical decision-making in the perception of ethical context with Laura Hartman, Crina Archer, Elaine Englehardt and Michael Pritchard.- Chapter 22 The Moral Responsibility of Multinational Corporations to Be Socially Responsible.- Chapter 23 Trust after the Global Financial Meltdown with L. Hartman, C. Archer, D. Bevan and K. Clark.- Chapter 24 Employment-at-Will, Employee Rights, and Future Directions for Employment with T.J. Radin.- Chapter 25 Corporate Moral Agency and the Responsibility to Respect Human Rights in the UN Guiding Principles: Do Corporations have Moral Rights?.- References.
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