Seeing the Child in Child Protection Social Work

Seeing the Child in Child Protection Social Work

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1. Keeping the Child in Mind: Who is the child.- 2. A child-centred model.- 3. A child living in fear and witnessing violence: Stephen's Story: Life with a violent mother.- 4. The child's voice in sexual abuse. Katy's story: Learning to scream.- 5. A child living with parents who abuse illegal drugs: Connie's story: My dad didn't mean to kill my mum.- 6. Accumulative Risks: Parental Capacity: Darren's story: I'm the 'man' of the house but I am frightened and cannot look after my mum and sister.- 7. Women and Neglect: Christopher's story: My mother doesn't want me.- 8. Known to all the Agencies: Kevin, Jenny, Darren and Sarah's story: Mum and Derek said social workers would take us away to a scary place.- 9. Father's who Count: Seeing Men as Protective Parents: Brandon's story.- 10. Repositioning(s) - The Child and Social Work at the centre of Social Work Practice.
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