Secular Martyrdom in Britain and Ireland

Secular Martyrdom in Britain and Ireland

From Peterloo to the Present

Laybourn, Keith; Outram, Quentin

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1. 'A Divine Discontent with Wrong': The People's Martyrology; Quentin Outram and Keith Laybourn .- 2. The Making of the Peterloo Martyrs, 1819 to the Present; Joseph Cozens.- 3. From 'Dorchester Labourers' to 'Tolpuddle Martyrs': Celebrating Radicalism in the English Countryside; Clare Griffiths.- 4. The Featherstone Massacre and its Forgotten Martyrs; Quentin Outram.- 5. Tonypandy 1910: The Foundations of Welsh Social Democracy; Daryl Leeworthy.- 6. Emily Davison: Dying for the Vote; Carolyn P. Collette.- 7. Making Irish Martyrs: The Impact and Legacy of the Execution of the Leaders of the Easter Rising, 1916; Mark McCarthy.- 8. The Town that was Murdered: Martyrs, Heroes and the Urbicide of Jarrow; Matt Perry.- 9. David Oluwale: Making his Memory and Debating his Martyrdom; Max Farrar.- 10. Bobby Sands and the Politics of Irish Republican Memory; Stephen G. Hopkins.- 11. 'The People's Flag is Deepest Red, It Shrouded oft our Martyred Dead': Martyrdom and the People's History; Quentin Outram and Keith Laybourn.
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