Secular Martyrdom in Britain and Ireland

Secular Martyrdom in Britain and Ireland

From Peterloo to the Present

Laybourn, Keith; Outram, Quentin

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It engages with the burgeoning historiography of memory to try to understand why some events, such as Peterloo, Tonypandy and the Easter Rising, have become household names whilst others, most notably Featherstone and Oluwale, are barely known.
1. 'A Divine Discontent with Wrong': The People's Martyrology; Quentin Outram and Keith Laybourn .- 2. The Making of the Peterloo Martyrs, 1819 to the Present; Joseph Cozens.- 3. From Dorchester Labourers' to Tolpuddle Martyrs': Celebrating Radicalism in the English Countryside; Clare Griffiths.- 4. The Featherstone Massacre and its Forgotten Martyrs; Quentin Outram.- 5. Tonypandy 1910: The Foundations of Welsh Social Democracy; Daryl Leeworthy.- 6. Emily Davison: Dying for the Vote; Carolyn P. Collette.- 7. Making Irish Martyrs: The Impact and Legacy of the Execution of the Leaders of the Easter Rising, 1916; Mark McCarthy.- 8. The Town that was Murdered: Martyrs, Heroes and the Urbicide of Jarrow; Matt Perry.- 9. David Oluwale: Making his Memory and Debating his Martyrdom; Max Farrar.- 10. Bobby Sands and the Politics of Irish Republican Memory; Stephen G. Hopkins.- 11. The People's Flag is Deepest Red, It Shrouded oft our Martyred Dead': Martyrdom and the People's History; Quentin Outram and Keith Laybourn.
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