Research on Mathematics Textbooks and Teachers' Resources

Research on Mathematics Textbooks and Teachers' Resources

Advances and Issues

Trouche, Luc; Qi, Chunxia; Visnovska, Jana; Rezat, Sebastian; Fan, Lianghuo

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Research on Mathematics Textbooks and Teachers' Resources: Advances and issues Lianghuo Fan, Luc Trouche, Chunxia Qi, Sebastian Rezat, & Jana Visnovska (Eds.) Introduction Luc Trouche and Lianghuo Fan Section 1 Trends in presentation of mathematics in textbooks and other resources (coordinated by Sebastian Rezat) Chapter 1. Open educational resources: a chance for opening mathematics teachers' resource systems? Luc Trouche, Ghislaine Gueudet, and Birgit Pepin Chapter 2. Textbooks used by teachers in junior high school in relation to their role Chunxia Qi, Zhang Xinyan, and Huang Danting Chapter 3. A comparative study on the presentation of geometric proof in secondary mathematics textbooks in China, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia Lianghuo Fan, Mailizar Mailizar, Manahel Alafaleq, and Yi Wang Section 2 Teacher interactions with curricular and other learning resources (coordinated by Jana Visnovska) Chapter 4. Examining Teachers' Interactions with Curriculum Resource to Uncover Pedagogical Design Capacity Janine Remillard Chapter 5. Disaggregating a Mathematics Teacher's Pedagogical Design Capacity Moneoang Leshota, and Jill Adler Chapter 6. Teachers' selection of resources in an era of plenty: An interview study with secondary mathematics teachers in England Helen Siedel, and Andreas Stylianides Chapter 7. Teachers as designers of digital educational resources for creative mathematical thinking Chronis Kynigos, and Angeliki Kolovou Section 3 Teachers' collective work through resources (coordinated by Chunxia Qi) Chapter 8. Curriculum support for teachers' negotiation of meaning: A Collective Perspective Hendrik van Steenbrugge, Maria Larsson, Andreas Ryve, Eva Insulander, and Daniel Brehmer Chapter 9. Mathematics teachers' expertise in resources work and its development in collectives. A French and a Chinese Cases Chongyang Wang Chapter 10. Studying the role of context in social creativity for the design of digital resources Nataly Essonier, Chronis Kynigos, Jana Trgalova, and Maria Daskolia Chapter 11. Uses of online trajectories and documentational trajectories: the case of Sesamath Katiane de Moraes Rocha Section 4 Teachers and students interactions through resources (coordinated by Luc Trouche and Lianghuo Fan) Chapter 12. Instructional activity and student interaction with digital resources Kenneth Ruthven Chapter 13. Resourcing teachers in transition to plan for interactions with students' ideas Jana Visnovska, and Jose Luis Cortina Chapter 14. Prospective Teachers' Interactions with Interactive Diagrams: Semiotic Tools, Challenges and Well-trodden Paths Elena Naftaliev Chapter 15. Teacher Decisions on lesson Sequence and their impact on opportunities for students to learn Ok-Kyeong Kim Section 5 Concluding remarks Chapter 16. Present research on mathematics textbooks and teachers' resources in ICME: conclusion and perspectives Sebastian Rezat, Jana Visnovska, Luc Trouche, Chunxia Qi, and Lianghuo Fan Chapter 17. A global rereading of the book (exact title to be decided) Birgit Pepin About the contributing authors Index
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