Queer Youth Histories

Queer Youth Histories

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Chapter One: Queer Youth Histories: An Introduction; Daniel Marshall.- Chapter Two:Toward Psychosexual Development: Preliminaries to Queer Youth Prehistory; Diederik F. Janssen.- Chapter Three: Perverse Plasticity in G. Stanley Hall's Modern American Adolescence; Don Romesburg.- Chapter Four: Same-sex Desire and Young New Zealanders before 1950; Chris Brickell.- Chapter Five:"'We Will Never Betray You, Brothers and Sisters:' Queer Youth and the Intellectual History of Gay Liberation across the Anglo-American World"; Scott de Groot.- Chapter Six: "Cherishing all the Children of the Nation Equally" - Gay Youth Organisation and Activism in Ireland; Patrick James McDonagh and Paraic Kerrigan.- Chapter Seven: The "New" Trans Child: Pioneering Families and Documentary Television; Jessica Ann Vooris.- Chapter Eight: Between Norms and Differences : The Online Histories of Quebec's Queer Youth; Roberto Ortiz Nunez and Dominique Meunier.- Chapter Nine: The Print Culture of 'Bombay Dost':The "Recent Past" of Queer Youth in Postcolonial India; Pawan Singh.- Chapter Ten: Tuning into yourself: queer coming of age and music; Marion Wasserbauer.- Chapter Eleven: Escaping to a Digital Congregation: LGBTQIA Mormon Youth on Tumblr and the Rise and Decline of Queerstake; David Eichert.- Chapter Twelve: Historical and contemporary silences: the experiences of queer Muslim youth; Shanon Shah Mohd Sidik.- Chapter Thirteen: Schoolgirl lesbians in Hong Kong: (A)historicity, temporality, and survival; Sonia Wong.- Chapter Fourteen: Growing up needing the past: an activist's reflection on the history of LGBT History Month in the UK; Sue Sanders.- Chapter Fifteen: Being a young gay person in the 1970s: reflections on reading Young, Gay and Proud; Karen Charman.- Chapter Sixteen: Mundjulk: One plant, many leaves; Laniyuk Garcon.- Index
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