Pseudo-Differential Operators: Groups, Geometry and Applications

Pseudo-Differential Operators: Groups, Geometry and Applications

Wong, M. W.; Zhu, Hongmei

Birkhauser Verlag AG






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Pseudo-Differential Operators on the Affine Group.- Pseudo-Differential Operators on Non-Isotropic Heisenberg Groups with Multi-Dimensional Center.- Curvatures of the Heisenberg Group.- Ellipticity with Global Projection Conditions.- Multilinear Localization Operators Associated to Quaternion Fourier Transforms.- A Time-Frequency Relationship between the Langevin Equation and the Harmonic Oscillator.- Are There Quantum Operators and Wave Functions in Standard Probability Theory.- A Class of Non-Markovian Pseudo-Differential Operators of Levy Type.- On the Solvability of Some Systems of Integro-Differential Equations with Anomalous Diffusion.- Visualizing Discrete Complex-Valued Time-Frequency Representations.- The Reassigned Spectrogram of the Stockwell transform.- Continuous Multi-Wavelet Transforms for Blind Signal Separation.
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