Proceedings of the 38th International MATADOR Conference

Proceedings of the 38th International MATADOR Conference

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Additive Manufacturing and 3D/4D printing.- Bio-manufacturing.- CAD/CAM.- Sustainable Manufacturing Processes.- Composite and Polymer Processing.- Design.- Electrical Machining.- Energy and Carbon Footprint in Manufacturing.- High-speed Machining.- Hybrid Machining.- Injection Moulding and Replication.- Laser Processing.- Machining, Forming and Consolidation Processes.- Metrology and Measurement.- Micro Engineering and Nano-Technology.- Modelling & Simulation of Manufacturing Processes and Systems.- Monitoring and Control of Machining Operations.- Nano-Structure and Micro-device Manufacture and Assembly.- Precision Machining.- Quality Management and Control.- Remanufacturing of Materials and Components.- Remote Manufacturing.- Reverse Engineering.- Robotics and Automation.- Solar Cell and Fuel Cell Manufacturing.- Supply Chain Management.- Synthesis of Nano-Materials.- Systems and Operational Research.- Welding and Joining.
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Manufacturing;Laser Machining;Machining;Metrology;Manufacturing Technology