Practical Guide to Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation

Practical Guide to Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation

Principles, Procedures and Applications

Nitsche, Michael A.; Knotkova, Helena; Bikson, Marom; Woods, Adam J.

Springer International Publishing AG






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tDCS among technologies for low-intensity transcranial electrical stimulation.- Principles of tDCS.- Mechanisms of acute effects and after effects.- Current methods and approaches in tDCS.- tDCS modulation of neurophysiological functional outcomes.- Safety measures.- Methodological considerations for selection of tDCS approach, protocol and device.- Stimulation parameters and their interaction.- Role of computational modeling for dose determination.- Preparation, placement, methods for electrode-position determination.- Monitoring of physiological effects and functional outcomes.- tDCS integration with MRI, EEG, and fNIRS.- Methodological considerations for tDCS in clinical trials.- Specifics of home-based patient-delivered remotely-supervised tDCS.- tDCS ethics and professional conduct.- tDCS in psychiatry.- tDCS for functional enhancement and symptom control in neurodegenerative diseases.- tDCS in Post-stroke rehabilitation.- tDCS potential for pain management.- tDCS in aging.- tDCS in cognitive neuroscience.- Challenges, open questions and future direction in tDCS research and applications.
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transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS);non-invasive neurostimulation;neural activity;neural pathways in the brain;psychiatry;pain management;neurorehabilitation;neurology