Political Geometry

Political Geometry

Rethinking Redistricting in the US with Math, Law, and Everything In Between

Duchin, Moon; Walch, Olivia

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Duchin, M., Introduction. Duchin, M., Walch, O., Explainer: Compactness by the Numbers.- Part I: Political Thought.- Bernstein, M., Walch, O., Measuring Partisan Fairness.- Duchin, M., Walch, O., Concepts of Representation.- Gaddie, K., Redistricting: Math, Systems, or People?.- Rodden, J., Weighill, T., Political Geography and Representation.- Part II: Law.- Gordon, A., Duchin, M., Walch, O., Explainer: A Brief Introduction to the VRA.- Katz., E., Race and Redistricting.- Steingart, A., Law, Computing, and Redistricting in the 1960s.- Charles, G.-U., Spencer, D., The Law of Gerrymandering.- Part III: Geography.- Fowler, C., Race, Space, and the Geography of Representation.- Nelson, G., The Elusive Geography of Communities.- Rosenfeld, H., Duchin, M., Walch, O., Explainer: Communities of Interest.- Hachadoorian, L., Buck, R., Geography as Data.- Rosenfeld, H., Duchin, M., Walch, O., A Census Case Study: Philadelphia's Seventh Ward.- Part IV: Math and Computer Science.- Guth, L., Nieh,A., Weighill, T., Three Applications of Entropy.- Duchin, M., Murphy, J., Explainer: Measuring Clustering and Segregation.- Becker, A., Solomon, J., Redistricting Algorithms.- Deford, D., Duchin, M., Random Walks.- Gall, M., Mac Donald, K., McBride, F., Making Maps.- Duchin, M., Walch, O., Drawing for the Courts.- Weighill, T. Duchin, M., Walch, O., Explainer: Ranked Choice Voting.- Espinoza-Madrigal, I., Sellstrom, O., Case Study: Lowell, MA.- Clarke, K., Gordon, A., The State of Play in Voting Rights.
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