Physician Mental Health and Well-Being

Physician Mental Health and Well-Being

Research and Practice

Brower, Kirk J.; Riba, Michelle B.

Springer International Publishing AG






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Part I - Presenting Issues.- 1. Physician Burnout and Wellness.- 2. Work-Associated Trauma.- 3. Disruptive and Unprofessional Behaviors.- 4. Suicidal Behaviors in Physicians.- 5. Physician Impairment and Safety To Practice.- Part II - Underlying Clinical Problems.- 6. Physician Mental Health - Depression and Anxiety.- 7. Manic and Hypomanic States.- 8. Substance Use and Addictive Behaviors Among Physicians.- 9. Cognitive Changes.- 10. Personality Traits.- Part III - Interventions.- 11. Self-Care, Resilience, and Work-Life Balance.- 12. Physician Health Programs: The U.S. Model.- 13. Organizational Level Interventions to Promote Physician Health and Well-Being: From Taking Care of Physicians to Giving Care to Patients.
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