Oceanographic and Biological Aspects of the Red Sea

Oceanographic and Biological Aspects of the Red Sea


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Introduction to oceanographic and biological aspects of the Red Sea.- The tides of the Red Sea.- Physical and chemical properties of seawater in the Gulf of Aqaba and Red Sea.- Sources of organic tracers in atmospheric dust, surface seawater particulate matter and sediment of the Red Sea.- Nitrogen, phosphorus and organic carbon in the Saudi Arabian Red Sea coastal waters: Behaviour and human impact.- Automatic detection of coral reef induced turbulent boundary flow in the Red Sea from Flock-1 satellite data.- Red Sea coastal lagoons: Their dynamics and future challenges.- Distribution and sources of hydrocarbon compounds in sediments from Obhur Lagoon: Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia.- Metal contamination assessment in the sediments of the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia.- Calcite and aragonite saturation levels of the Red Sea coastal waters of Yemen during early winter and expected pH decrease (acidification) effects.- Geochemistry and life at the interfaces of brine-filled deeps in the Red Sea.- Desalination of Red Sea and Gulf of Aden seawater to mitigate the fresh water crisis in the Yemen Republic.- Red Sea research: A personal perspective.- Endemic Fishes of the Red Sea.- Red Sea sharks - biology, fisheries and conservation.- Review of cetaceans in the Red Sea.- Where dolphins sleep: Resting areas in the Red Sea.- Status of Red Sea Dugongs.- Spatial patterns of standing stock and diversity of macrobenthic communities in the Red Sea.- Seagrass distribution, composition and abundance along the Saudi Arabian coast of Red Sea.- Current knowledge of coral diseases present within the Red Sea.- Physicochemical dynamics, microbial community patterns, and reef growth in coral reefs of the central Red Sea.- Meiofauna of the Red Sea Mangroves with emphasis on their response to habitat degradation: Sudan's mangroves as a case study.- Morphology and anatomy of the pearl oyster, Pinctada margaritifera in the Red Sea: A case study from Dungonab Bay, Sudan.- Copepoda - their status and ecology in the Red Sea.- Zooplankton of the Red Sea.- Phytoplankton and primary production in the Red Sea.- The role of citizen science in monitoring megafauna of the Red Sea.
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Oceanography of the Red Sea;Biological Properties of the Red Sea;Coastal Management of the Red Sea;Underwater Sedimentary Features of the Red Sea;Brine Pool Formation in the Red Sea;coastal sciences;marine and freshwater sciences;Environmental Geography