Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Genocide and Memory

Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Genocide and Memory

Marsoobian, Armen T.; Lindert, Jutta

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book explores the memory and representation of genocide as they affect individuals, communities and families, and artistic representations. Next, it reviews memories of genocide in bodies and in societies as well as genocide in memory through lives, mental health and transgenerational effects.
1: Editors' Introduction: Jutta Lindert, Armen T. Marsoobian.- Part I: The Concept of Genocide and the Role of Memory: 2: Definitions and Concepts of Genocide: Lemkin and the Concept of Genocide: Steve Leonard Jacobs.- 3: Conceptions of Genocide and the Ethics of Memorialization: Jeffrey Blustein.- 4: Jewish Social Memory and the Augmented Stages of Genocide: Shulamith Reinharz.- Part II: Genocide, Memory and Health: 5: Terror and Identity: The Case of Argentina and the Importance of the Different Representations' of the Past: Daniel Feierstein.- 6: Genocide and Its Long Term Mental Impact on Survivors - What We Know and What We Do Not Know: Jutta Lindert, Haim Y. Knobler, Moshe Abramowitz.- 7: Survival and Resilience versus Psychopathology: A Seven-decade Perspective Post-Holocaust: Haim Y. Knobler, Moshe Abramovitz, Jutta Lindert.- Part III: Genocide, Representation and Memorialization.- 8: The Face of War and Genocide: Jay Winter.- 9: When Past and Present Meet in Israeli Art: Memorialization of the Holocaust: Batya Brutin.- 10: How Do We Memorialize Genocide? The Case of the German Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe: Armen T. Marsoobian.- 11: The Suppression of Cultural Memory and Identity in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Prohibited Memorials and the Continuation of Genocide: David Pettigrew.- 12: British Media Representation of the War in Bosnia Herzegovina: Avoiding the Duties to Prevent and Protect: Charlotte McKee.- Part IV: Bearing Witness to Genocide in the Arts: 13: Some Notes on My Poems and Armenian Memory: Peter Balakian.- 14 : Poems: Peter Balakian.- 15: My Artistic Explorations of the Holocaust: Hans Guggenheim.- 16: Coming to Terms with the Past: The Vienna Project as an Interactive, Interdisciplinary Model of Memorialization: Karen Frostig.- 17: Collective Memory, Memorialization and Bearing Witness in the Aftermath of the Armenian Genocide: Armen T. Marsoobian.
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