Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Genocide and Memory

Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Genocide and Memory

Marsoobian, Armen T.; Lindert, Jutta

Springer International Publishing AG






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1: Editors' Introduction: Jutta Lindert, Armen T. Marsoobian.- Part I: The Concept of Genocide and the Role of Memory: 2: Definitions and Concepts of Genocide: Lemkin and the Concept of Genocide: Steve Leonard Jacobs.- 3: Conceptions of Genocide and the Ethics of Memorialization: Jeffrey Blustein.- 4: Jewish Social Memory and the Augmented Stages of Genocide: Shulamith Reinharz.- Part II: Genocide, Memory and Health: 5: Terror and Identity: The Case of Argentina and the Importance of the Different 'Representations' of the Past: Daniel Feierstein.- 6: Genocide and Its Long Term Mental Impact on Survivors - What We Know and What We Do Not Know: Jutta Lindert, Haim Y. Knobler, Moshe Abramowitz.- 7: Survival and Resilience versus Psychopathology: A Seven-decade Perspective Post-Holocaust: Haim Y. Knobler, Moshe Abramovitz, Jutta Lindert.- Part III: Genocide, Representation and Memorialization.- 8: The Face of War and Genocide: Jay Winter.- 9: When Past and Present Meet in Israeli Art: Memorialization of the Holocaust: Batya Brutin.- 10: How Do We Memorialize Genocide? The Case of the German Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe: Armen T. Marsoobian.- 11: The Suppression of Cultural Memory and Identity in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Prohibited Memorials and the Continuation of Genocide: David Pettigrew.- 12: British Media Representation of the War in Bosnia Herzegovina: Avoiding the Duties to Prevent and Protect: Charlotte McKee.- Part IV: Bearing Witness to Genocide in the Arts: 13: Some Notes on My Poems and Armenian Memory: Peter Balakian.- 14 : Poems: Peter Balakian.- 15: My Artistic Explorations of the Holocaust: Hans Guggenheim.- 16: Coming to Terms with the Past: The Vienna Project as an Interactive, Interdisciplinary Model of Memorialization: Karen Frostig.- 17: Collective Memory, Memorialization and Bearing Witness in the Aftermath of the Armenian Genocide: Armen T. Marsoobian.
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