Moral Psychology

Moral Psychology

A Multidisciplinary Guide


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Acknowledgements Table of Contents Chapter 1: Towards a Multidisciplinary Moral Psychology By Benjamin G. Voyer and Tor Tarantola Chapter 2: Between Facts and Norms: Ethics and Empirical Moral Psychology By Hanno Sauer Chapter 3: An evolutionarily informed study of moral psychology By Max M. Krasnow Chapter 4: Morality Psychology: An Anthropology Perspective by Paolo Heywood Chapter 5: Cognitive and neural sciences: Investigating the moral system By Tor Tarantola Chapter 6: (Im)Morality in Political Discourse? The Effects of Moral Psychology in Politics By Nicholas Nicoletti & William Delehanty Chapter 7: An Open Letter to Our Students: Doing Interdisciplinary Moral Psychology by Edouard Machery & John Doris Chapter 8: Current Perspectives in Morality Psychology: Conversations with Frans de Waal Hanno Sauer, Paolo Heywood, Verena Wieser, Edouard Machery, and John Doris by Benjamin Voyer and Tor Tarantola Index
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