Modernizing Academic Teaching and Research in Business and Economics

Modernizing Academic Teaching and Research in Business and Economics

International Conference MATRE 2016, Beirut, Lebanon


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Seeds of sustainability in Lebanese Universities: An empirical study.- Supply and demand for information system (IS) core knowledge in non-IS business occupations: Fresh graduates' and professionals' perceptions.- Higher education and employability: building student's self-confidence and efficacy.- Using data mining and business intelligence to develop decision support systems in Arabic higher education.- An Investigation of students' social entrepreneurial intentions in Syria: an empirical test.- Review of leadership research in higher education.- The determinants of business students' faculty performance: Evidence from a private university in Syria.- Adopting mobile business solutions in modernization of business education.- The impact of sustainable leadership on organizational trust: a private University in Syria empirical evidence from private higher education institutions in Syria.- The effect of good governance on higher education in Syria for the period (2000-2011).- University-Business Research Collaboration in Syria: An empirical assessment and suggested conceptual model.- Forging research links between academia, business and industry in Syria and Lebanon (industrial paper).