Mental Health and Illness in the City

Mental Health and Illness in the City

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Tentative Table of Contents - Prevalence of mental disorders in cities worldwide.- Positive factors for mental health promotion, prevention and treatment in city settings.- City planning, neighborhoods and mental health.- Green environment and mental health in the city. (Author: Kua Ee Heok). - Ghettoes, cultural groupings and mental disorders.- Slums and economic disparities in mental health.- Failure of community care in large cities and urban slums.- The challenges of growing cities to mental health services.- Cultural diversity and mental health.- Institutions - prisons and asylums and the deinstitutionalization.- Homelessness and challenges of community care.- Mental health, crime and illicit drug use.- Terrorism and psychiatry.- Racism, stigma and religion in mental health. - Loneliness and single person households.- Mental disorders in rapidly growing cities.- Future perspectives.
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