Mathematics Teachers Engaging with Representations of Practice

Mathematics Teachers Engaging with Representations of Practice

A Dynamically Evolving Field

Kuntze, Sebastian; Buchbinder, Orly

Springer International Publishing AG






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Orly Buchbinder &Sebastian Kuntze [preface] Reflecting on representations which reflect practice - a preface Orly Buchbinder & Sebastian Kuntze REPRESENTATIONS OF PRACTICE IN TEACHER EDUCATION AND RESEARCH - SPOTLIGHTS ON DIFFERENT APPROACHES Karen Koellner, Nanette Seago, & Jennifer Jacobs Representations of Practice to Support Teacher Instruction: Video Case Mathematics Professional Development Jessica Hoth, Gabriele Kaiser, Martina Doehrmann, Johannes Koenig & Sigrid Bloemeke a situated approach to assess teachers' professional competencies using classroom videos Sebastian Kuntze Representations of practice in a video-based in-service teacher professional development project and in its evaluation 22 Libuse Samkova Concept Cartoons as a representation of practice 20 Corey Webel, Kimberly Conner, & Wenmin Zhao Simulations as a Tool for Practicing Questioning Marita Friesen & Sebastian Kuntze COMPETENCE ASSESSMENT WITH REPRESENTATIONS OF PRACTICE IN TEXT, COMIC AND VIDEO FORMAT Orly Buchbinder, & Alice Cook Examining the mathematical knowledge for teaching of proving in scenarios written by pre-service teachers Rina Zazkis Ceci n'est pas une pratique: A commentary Daniel Chazan Considering what we want to represent
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