Mathematics Teachers Engaging with Representations of Practice

Mathematics Teachers Engaging with Representations of Practice

A Dynamically Evolving Field

Kuntze, Sebastian; Buchbinder, Orly

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book presents innovative approaches and state-of-the-art empirical studies on mathematics teacher learning. The book details how representations of practice encourage and afford professional development, and describes how these tools help to investigate aspects of teacher expertise, beliefs, and conceptions.
Orly Buchbinder &Sebastian Kuntze [preface] Reflecting on representations which reflect practice - a preface Orly Buchbinder & Sebastian Kuntze REPRESENTATIONS OF PRACTICE IN TEACHER EDUCATION AND RESEARCH - SPOTLIGHTS ON DIFFERENT APPROACHES Karen Koellner, Nanette Seago, & Jennifer Jacobs Representations of Practice to Support Teacher Instruction: Video Case Mathematics Professional Development Jessica Hoth, Gabriele Kaiser, Martina Doehrmann, Johannes Koenig & Sigrid Bloemeke a situated approach to assess teachers' professional competencies using classroom videos Sebastian Kuntze Representations of practice in a video-based in-service teacher professional development project and in its evaluation 22 Libuse Samkova Concept Cartoons as a representation of practice 20 Corey Webel, Kimberly Conner, & Wenmin Zhao Simulations as a Tool for Practicing Questioning Marita Friesen & Sebastian Kuntze COMPETENCE ASSESSMENT WITH REPRESENTATIONS OF PRACTICE IN TEXT, COMIC AND VIDEO FORMAT Orly Buchbinder, & Alice Cook Examining the mathematical knowledge for teaching of proving in scenarios written by pre-service teachers Rina Zazkis Ceci n'est pas une pratique: A commentary Daniel Chazan Considering what we want to represent
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