Mathematics, Education, and Other Endangered Species

Mathematics, Education, and Other Endangered Species

From Intuition to Inhibition

Vinner, Shlomo

Springer International Publishing AG






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1. Is Mathematics Required in Real-Life Situations?- 2. What is Mathematics for?- 3. Can Scientific Thinking help us cope with our Existential Problems? Can Religious Thinking help us cope with our Existential Problems?- 4. Concept Formation in Mathematics: Concept Definition and Concept Image.- 5. The Misconception Fallacy, the Pseudo-conceptual and the Pseudo-analytical Behaviors in Mathematical Contexts.- 6. The Pseudo-conceptual Behavior in Contexts Outside the Mathematics Classroom.- 7. Can E-learning (Computer-Based Learning) Replace Teacher-Student Individual Communication?- 8. What is Mathematics?- 9. The Role of Examples in the Learning of Mathematics and in Everyday Thought Processes.- 10. Imagination Acts.- 11. The Wonders of Infinity and its Weirdness.- 12. Mathematics, Educational Values, and Intellectual Values.- 13. What Are Elementary Mathematics Teachers Expected to Know?.- 14. Proofs by Contradiction or Isn't this an Absurdity?- 15. Visually Moderated Sequences.- 16. Common Sense Versus Science and Theology.- 17. Rationality.- P1. About the Subtitle "From Intuition to Inhibition".- P2. The Potential Readers of The Book.- P3. An Opportunity for a Corrective Experience for Those who Carry ENgative Memories from Their Mathematics Learning in School.- P4. About Reflection.
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