Learning from Dynamic Visualization

Learning from Dynamic Visualization

Innovations in Research and Application


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Introduction.- Section I. Innovations in Representation and Design.- A Composition Approach to Design of Educational Animations, Richard Lowe and Jean-Michel Boucheix.- Learning from Animations: From 2d to 3d? Stephan Schwan and Frank Papenmeier.- Looking Across Instead of Back and Forth: How the Simultaneous, Presentation of Multiple Animation Episodes Facilitates Learning, Rolf Ploetzner and Richard Lowe.- Learning from Static and Dynamic Visualizations: What Kind of Questions Should We Ask? Inga Wagner and Wolfgang Schnotz.- The Role of Craft-Based Knowledge in the Design of Dynamic Visualizations, Jodie Jenkinson.- Designing Instructional Science Visualizations in the Trenches: Where Research Meets Production Reality, Gael G. McGill.- Section II. Innovations in Assessment.- Dynamic Visuospatial Ability and Learning from Dynamic Visualizations, Christopher A. Sanchez and Jennifer Wiley.- Demonstration Tasks for Assessment, Richard Lowe, Jean-Michel Boucheix and Benjamin Fillisch.- Assessing Science Inquiry and Reasoning Using Dynamic Visualizations and Interactive Simulations, Jodi Davenport and Edys Quellmalz.- Design of Effective Dynamic Visualizations - A Struggle between the Beauty and the Beast?.- Commentary on Sections I and II, Katharina Scheiter.- Section III. Innovations in Scaffolding.- Attention Guidance Strategies for Supporting Learning from Dynamic Visualizations, Bjoern De Koning and Halska Jarodzka.- Learning Three-Dimensional Anatomical Structures with Animation: Effects of Orientation References and Learners' Spatial Ability, Sandra Berney and Mireille Betrancourt.- Section IV. Innovations in Learner Engagement.- Self-Generated Drawing: A Help or Hindrance to Learning from Animation? Richard Lowe and Lucia Mason.- Drawing for Promoting Learning and Engagement with Dynamic Visualizations, Mike Stieff.- Strategies for Learning from Animation With and Without Narration, Rolf Ploetzner and Bianka Breyer.- Guiding Cognitive Processing During Learning with Animations - Commentary on Sections III and IV, Richard E. Mayer.- About the Editors.- About the Contributors.- Index.
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