Iranian Entrepreneurship

Iranian Entrepreneurship

Deciphering the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Iran and in the Iranian Diaspora


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Introduction to Iranian Entrepreneurship.- Entrepreneurship Policy in Iran.- The Role of Business Regulations in Economic Growth of Iran.- Business Startup in Iran: Entrepreneurial Skills, Personality, and Motivation of Iranian Nascent Entrepreneurs.- Novice Entrepreneurs' Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy and Passion for Entrepreneurship.- How Do Iranian SMEs Utilize External Knowledge Flows for Corporate Entrepreneurship? The Role of Externally Oriented Capabilities ,- Women's Entrepreneurship in Iran.- Academic Entrepreneurship Readiness in University of Tehran.- Effect of Organizational Climate and Structure on Innovation Performance.- Transnational Entrepreneurship in a Diaspora.-Transnational Iranian entrepreneurs in the import/export industry of Los Angeles.- Entrepreneurial Competencies Benefiting Entrepreneurial Intention: Iranian Adults at Home and in The Diaspora.- Networks around Women and Men Entrepreneurs in the Iranian Diaspora: Dual Embeddedness in Iran and In Host-Society.- Iranian Entrepreneurs at Home and in Diaspora: Entrepreneurial Competencies, Exporting, Innovation and Growth-Expectations.- Networks around Iranian Entrepreneurs at Home and In Diaspora: Effects on Performance.- The Reinvigorating of International Entrepreneurship by Open Innovation Strategy for Iranian Businesses.- Design of the 'International Entrepreneurial Marketing (IEM) Pattern': Entrepreneurial Firms of Food Industries throughout Iran.- Identifying Factors Affecting Export Performance of Sports Equipment and Sportswear Firms.- A DNA Business Model for the Internet of Things: A Value-Creating Ecosystem in Iranian Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises.- Marketing & Branding for Iranian Home-Based Businesses.- The Effects of Mergers and Acquisitions on the Bank Performance and Entrepreneurial Orientation.
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