Invited Lectures from the 13th International Congress on Mathematical Education

Invited Lectures from the 13th International Congress on Mathematical Education

Graven, Mellony; Kaiser, Gabriele; Forgasz, Helen; Simmt, Elaine; Kuzniak, Alain; Xu, Binyan

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Forword, Gabriele Kaiser.- Practice-based Initial Teacher Education: Developing Inquiring Professionals, Glenda Anthony.- Mathematical experiments - an ideal first step into mathematics, Albrecht Beutelspacher.- Intersections of Culture, Language, And Mathematics Education: Looking Back And Looking Ahead, Marta Civil.- The Double Continuity in Algebra, Al Cuoco, William McCallum.- A Friendly Introduction to "Knowledge In Pieces": Modeling Types of Knowledge and their roles in Learning, Andrea diSessa.- History of Mathematics, Mathematics Education, and the Liberal Arts, Michael N. Fried.- Knowledge and Action for Change through Culture, Community and Curriculum, Linda Furuto.- The Impact and Challenges of Early Mathematics Intervention in an Australian Context, Ann Gervasoni.- Helping teacher educators in institutions of higher learning to prepare prospective and practicing teachers to teach mathematics, Herbert Ginsburg.- Hidden connections and double meanings: A mathematical viewpoint of affective and cognitive interactions in learning, Ines Maria Gomez-Chacon.- The Role of Algebra in School Mathematics, Liv Sissel Gronmo.- Storytelling for tertiary mathematics students, Ansie Harding.- PME and the international community of mathematics education, Rina Hershkowitz, Stefan Ufer.- ICMI 1966-2016: A double insiders' view of the latest half century of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction, Bernard R. Hodgson, Mogens Niss.- Formative Assessment in Inquiry based Elementary Mathematics, Alena Hospesova.- Professional development of mathematics teachers: Through the lens of the camera, Ronnie Karsenty.- Powering Knowledge vs. Pouring Facts, Petar Kenderov.- Mathematical Problem Solving in Choice-Affluent Environments, Boris Koichu.- Natural Differentiation - An Approach to Cope with Heterogeneity, Gunter Krauthausen.- Changes in Attitudes Towards Textbook Task Modification Using Confrontation of Complexity in a Collaborative Inquiry: Two Case Studies, Kyeong-Hwa Lee.- How can cognitive Neuroscience contribute to Mathematics Education? Bridging the two research areas, Roza Leikin.- Themes in Mathematics Teacher Professional learning research in South Africa: A Review of the Period 2006-2015, Mdutshekelwa Ndlovu.- Pedagogies of Emergent Learning, Ricardo Nemirovsky.- Connecting Mathematics, Community, Culture and Place: Promise, Possibilities, and Problems, Cynthia Nicol.- Relevance of learning logical Analysis of Mathematical Statements, Judith Njomgang Ngansop.- Understanding and Visualizing Linear Transformations, Asuman Oktac.- Mapping the Relationship between written and enacted Curriculum: Examining teachers' decision making, Janine Remillard.- Building Bridges Between Math Education and Engineering Education Communities: a dialogue through Modelling and Simulation, Ruth Rodriguez.- Constructing dynamic geometry: insights from a study of teaching practices in English schools, Kenneth Ruthven.- Exploring the Contribution of Gestures to Mathematical Argumentation Processes in a Semiotic Perspective, Cristina Sabena.- Improving Mathematics Pedagogy through Student/Teacher Valuing: Lessons from five Continents, Wee Tiong Seah.- About a collaborative work. Exploring the Functional World in a Computer Enriched Environment, Carmen Sessa.- Re-centring the individual in participatory accounts of professional identity, Jeppe Skott.- Enactive metaphorising in the learning of mathematics, Jorge Soto-Andrade.- Number Sense in Elementary School Children from different Social Backgrounds: The uses and Meanings Given to Numbers, Alina Galvao Spinillo.- Uncovering Chinese Pedagogy: Spiral Variation-The Unspoken Principle of Algebra Thinking to Develop Chinese Curriculum and instruction of "Two Basics", Xuhua Sun.- Digital Pedagogy in Mathematics Learning, Yahya Tabesh.- Activity Theory in French Didactic Research, Fabrice Vandebrouck.- The effect of a video-based intervention on the knowledge-based reasoning of future mathematics teachers, Nada Vondrova.- Popularization of the of Probability Theory and Statistics in School Through Intellectual Competitions, Ivan Vysotskiy.- Noticing in Pre-Service Teacher Education: Research Lessons as a context for reflection on learners' Mathematical Reasoning and Sense-Making, Helena Wessels.- Dialogues on Numbers: Script-writing as approximation of practice, Rina Zazkis.- Equity in mathematics education: What did TIMSS and PISA tell us in the last two decades? Yan Zhu.
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