Integrative Study of the Mean Sea Level and Its Components

Integrative Study of the Mean Sea Level and Its Components

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Preface. - A. Cazenave, N. Champollion, J. Benveniste & P. Lecomte Section I: Observations & Contributors to Sea Level Satellite Altimetry-Based Sea Level at Global and Regional Scales - M. Ablain, J.-F. Legeais, P. Prandi, M. Marcos, L. Fenoglio-Marc, H. Dieng, J. Benveniste & A. Cazenave Monitoring Sea Level in the Coastal Zone with Satellite Altimetry and Tide Gauges - P. Cipollini, F.S. Calafat, S. Jevrejeva, A. Melet & P. Prandi Uncertainties in Steric Sea Level Change Estimation during the Satellite Altimeter Era: Concepts and Practices - C. Merchant, C. Macintosh & K. von Schuckmann Greenland and Antarctica Ice Sheet Mass Changes and Effects on Global Sea Level - R. Forsberg, L. Sorensen & S. Simonsen Observation-Based Estimates of Global Glacier Mass Change and its Contributions to Sea Level Change - B. Marzeion, N. Champollion, W. Haeberli, K. Langley, P. Leclerq & F. Paul Recent Changes in Land Water Storage and its Contributions to Sea Level Variations - Y. Wada, J.T. Reager, B.F. Chao, J. Wang, M.-H. Lo, C. Song, Y. Li & A.S. Gardner Glacial Isostatic Adjustment and Contemporary Sea Level Rise: An Overview - G. Spada Section II: Sea Level Processes at Regional Scale Causes of the Regional Variability in Observed Sea Level, Sea Surface Temperature and Ocean Color over the Period 1993-2011 - B. Meyssignac, C.G. Piecuch, C. Merchant, M.-F. Racault, H. Palanisamy, C. Macintosh, S. Sathyendranat & R. Brewin Spatial Patterns of Sea Level Variability Associated with Natural Internal Climate Modes - W. Han, G.A. Meehl, D. Stammer, A. Hu, B. Hamlington, J. Kenigson, H. Palanisamy & P. Thompson Arctic Sea Level during the Satellite Altimetry Era - A. Carret, J. Johannessen, O. Andersen, M. Ablain, P. Prandi, A. Blasquez & A. Cazenave Phenological Responses to ENSO in the Global Ocean - M.-F. Racault, S. Sathyendranath, N. Menon & T. Platt Section III: Sea Level Closure Budget at Global and Regional Scale The Twentieth Century Sea Level Budget: Recent Progress and Challenges - S. Jevrejev, A. Matthews & A. Slangen Evaluation of the Global Mean Sea Level Budget between 1993 and 2014 - D. Chambers, A. Cazenave, N. Champollion, H. Dieng, W. Llovel, R. Forsberg, K. van Schuckmann & Y. Wada Section IV: Detection & Attribution Internal Variability versus Anthropogenic Forcing on Sea Level and its Components - M. Marcos, B. Marzeion, S. Dangendorf, A. Slangen, H. Palanisamy & L. Fenoglio-Marc Section V: From Observations to Sea Level Projections Testing the Quality of Sea Level Data using the GECCO Adjoint Assimilation Approach - M. Scharffenberg, A. Koehl & D. Stammer A Review of Recent Updates of Sea Level Projections at Global and Regional Scales - A. Slangen, F. Adloff, S. Jevrejeva, P. Leclerq, B. Marzeion, Y. Wada & R. Winkelmann
Sea Level Observations;Oceanography;ESA Climate Change Initiative;Sea Level Projections;Remote Sensing and Sea Level;Hydrology;Sea Level Processes at Regional Scale;Contributors to Sea Level;Altimetry era;coastal sciences;remote sensing/photogrammetry;climate change;climate change impacts