Innovative Practices in Language Teacher Education

Innovative Practices in Language Teacher Education

Spanning the Spectrum from Intra- to Inter-personal Professional Development


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Preface: On the Need for a Theory of Language Teaching: Twenty-five Years Later By Diane Larsen-Freeman.- Introduction: By Tammy Gregersen and Peter MacIntyre.- Part I: "Intra" Innovations.- Innovating my Thinking and Practices as a Language Teacher Educator through my Work as a Researcher By Paula Golembek.- Idiodynamics: An innovative method to build emotional intelligence through systematic self-assessment/reflection/critique by Tammy Gregersen and Peter MacIntyre.- Shifting Relations: EFL Pre-service Teachers' Sense of Self as a Network of Relationships By Sarah Mercer.- The Brain Studies Boom: Using Neuroscience in ESL/EFL Teacher Education By Curtis Kelly.- Part II: "Cross-over" Innovations.- Teaching with Heart and Soul: Socio-emotional Intelligence in Teacher Education Programmes By Sarah Mercer and Christina Gnokou.- Peace through Understanding: Peace Activities as Innovations in Language Teacher Education By Rebecca Oxford.- Jobs, Careers and Callings: Adapting Positive Psychology Tasks for Use in ESL/EFL and Other Language Classes and Teacher Education By Marc Helgesen.- Part III: "Inter" Innovations.- Innovating Teacher Development: Transformative Teacher Education through Classroom Inquiry By Anne Burns.- Becoming a Process Researcher of One's Own Development: Using an Identity Mapping Model to Make Sense of Transformation Dynamics during the Practicum By Alastair Henry and Mona Tynkkinen.- The Role of Teaching a Novel Language in an SLA Content Course By Amy Thompson.- Asking Students to Teach: Gardening in the Jungle By Tim Murphey
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