Innovative Algorithms and Analysis

Innovative Algorithms and Analysis

Gosse, Laurent; Natalini, Roberto

Springer International Publishing AG






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1 A nonlocal version of wavefront tracking motivated by Kuramoto-Sakaguchi equation.- 2 High-order post-Newtonian contributions to gravitational self-force effects in black hole spacetimes.- 3 Concentration waves of chemotactic bacteria: the discrete velocity case.- 4 A numerical glimpse at some non-standard solutions to compressible Euler equations.- 5 On Hyperbolic Balance Laws and Applications.- 6 Viscous equations treated with L-splines and Steklov-Poincare operator in two dimensions.- 7 Filtered gradient algorithms for inverse design problems of one-dimensional Burgers equation.- 8 A well-balanced scheme for the Euler equations with gravitation.- 9 Practical convergence rates for degenerate parabolic equations.- 10 Analysis and simulation of nonlinear and nonlocal transport equations.- 11 Semi-analytical methods of solution for the BGK-Boltzmann equation describing sound wave propagation in binary gas mixtures.- 12 Convergent Lagrangian discretization for drift-diffusion with nonlocal aggregation
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