Implementing Supplier Diversity

Implementing Supplier Diversity

Driver of Entrepreneurship

Porter, Kathey K.

Springer International Publishing AG






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I Creation, Evolution and Emergence of Supplier Diversity Programs 1 Supplier Diversity Programs in the Public Sector - Federal, State, Local Governments, Higher Education Institutions, Airports and Transportation 2Supplier Diversity Programs in the Private Sector - Corporations II Driver of Entrepreneurship 3 Impact of Supplier Diversity on Start-up Activity and Small Business Growth and Development 4State of Diverse Suppliers III Designing an Effective Supplier Diversity Program 5 Foundations for a Supplier Diversity Program 6 Best Practices for a Successful Supplier Diversity Program 7 Common Mistakes in Design and Implementation IV Helping Businesses Capitalize on Supplier Diversity Programs 8 Pipeline Development: Preparing Businesses for Long-term Success 9 Certifications and Other Tactics to Help Small Firms Leverage, Differentiate and Win 10 Community Collaborations and Stakeholder Engagement - M.O.D.E. - Mentorship, Outreach, Development, and Education V The Future of Supplier Diversity Programs 11 The "New" Business Case 12 Benchmarking, Quantifying and Reporting: Measuring Success 13 From Business Necessity to Business Imperative: The Impact of Changing Demographics 14 State of Supplier Diversity Programs - CVM Solutions 15 Conclusion - The Next Supplier Diversity Disruption
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