Mentalization-based Treatments for Eating Disorders

Skarderud, Finn; Sommerfeldt, Bente; Robinson, Paul

Springer International Publishing AG






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Chapter 1. Introduction. Minding the body. Mentalizing and eating disorders. Chapter 2. Eating disorders as clinical examples of impaired mentalizing. Theory and descriptions. Chapter 3. Eating disorders and mentalizing. The evidence. Chapter 4. Mentalizing stance and interventions. Therapist stances and competences. Chapter 5. Specific challenges working with eating disorders. Minding the embodied mind and the minded body. Chapter 6. Structures of treatment. The model of mentalizing-based treatment for eating disorders. Chapter 7. Psychoeducation in groups. An introduction to MBT (MBT-I). Chapter 8. Texts as tools. Case formulations and crisis plans.Chapter 9. Group therapy. A training ground for mentalizing. Chapter 10. Working with families. Systems in crisis.Chapter 11. Training and supervision. Advancing skills and competences. Chapter 12. Working with staff and patients in an inpatient setting. Mentalization-based milieu therapy (MBT-M) for eating disorders.Chapter 13. Implementing mentalizing and MBT-ED. Organizing a team? Chapter 14. The (a)social body. Concluding remarks.
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