Homonymous Visual Field Defects

Homonymous Visual Field Defects

Skorkovska, Karolina

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book provides a concise, up-to-date overview on homonymous visual field defects, and especially homonymous hemianopia.
Anatomy of the human visual pathway.- Pathophysiology.- 3. Perimetry and types of homonymous hemianopsia / topographic localization / clinical anatomical correlations.- Neuro-ophthalmological examination in homonymous hemianopsia / clinical symptoms and functional abilities.- Novel imaging techniques and neuroradiologic imaging.- Pupillary disorders.- Visual search disorders and ocular motility.- Driving with homonymous hemianopsia.- Neuropsychological / neurological testing in homonymous hemianopsia / central visual.- Rehabilitation strategies.- Compensational strategies of patients wth homonymous hemianopsia.
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