Handbook of Security Science

Handbook of Security Science

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Part A: Concepts in Security Studies Science and technology for Security Securitization Human security Traditional security Non-traditional security Environmental security Economic security Societal security Terrorism Overview Climate Change Part B: National Defence (Military) CBRN Overview Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Cyber warfare Part C: Transnational Crime and terrorism Organized Crime and Human Trafficking Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking: Threats to national security- a transborder perspective The costs of Cybercrime: identifying the threats, designing solutions Cyber terrorism: A black swan or the new normal Perspectives on Network analysis and Policing Network Analysis to support counter terrorism Part D: Physical security and Critical Infrastructure: Biosensors and biometrics for Security Applications Critical Infrastructure Vulnerability analysis Health Security: Pandemic and Epidemic Diseases- transborder threats to national security Urban Food security: a global and regional perspective Economic security and sustainability: lessons learned and the way ahead Water Security: vulnerabilities, complex and interconnected challenges Chp Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Security: National and Global Perspectives on Threats and Solutions Global Energy security: exploring the climate-energy security nexus Perspectives on National Security and Global Supply Chain security State of Emergency and Continuity of Government: Enabling Resilience New Realities of Transportation security Border security: threats and challenges associated with securing and managing borders Is Migration a security issue? Perspectives on national security and human security Disaster management and Security: Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Modeling and Simulation Approaches to Security Analysis Technological Disasters: threats to safety and security
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