Handbook of Production Economics

Handbook of Production Economics

Ray, Subhash C.; Chambers, Robert G.; Kumbhakar, Subal C.

Springer Verlag, Singapore






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1. Overview of Neoclassical Production Economics- Editors.- 2. Duality in Production Diewert (agreed).- 3. Multiproduct Technologies Fare--agreed.- 4. Elasticities of Substitution Russell--agreed.- 5. Conceptualization and Measurement of Technical Change and Productivity Growth Hulten or Jorgensen.- 6. Index Numbers Balk (provisionally agreed).- 7. Market Structures.- 8. Capacity Utilization Segerson and Squires--agreed.- 9. Regulation Bogetoft-agreed.- 10. Bad Outputs Murty and Russell--agreed.- 11. Dynamic Analysis of Production Stefanou--agreed.- 12. Production under Uncertainty Bob Chambers--agreed.- 13. Growth Theory-here I would include both Solow-Swan and the Endogenous Growth literature.- 14. Stochastic Frontier Analysis Subal Kumbhakar--agreed.- 15. Data Envelopment Analysis Subhash Ray--agreed.
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Production Economics;Production Duality;Growth Theory;Data Envelopment Analysis;Stochastic Frontier Analysis;Dual Cost Functions;Multiproduct Technologies