Ethical and Legal Perspectives in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)

Ethical and Legal Perspectives in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)

Foundational Issues

Binnie, Ian; Jonsson, Egon; Clarren, Sterling

Springer International Publishing AG






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Chapter 1: Overview.- FASD and Justice: An Historical Perspective; Kenneth R. Warren and Linda L. Chezem.- FASD and the Denial of Equality; Ian Binnie.- Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Abnormal Brain Development -findings from basic research; Kathleen K. Sulik.- The Economics of FASD Associated with Crimes; Nguyen Xuan Thanh and Egon Jonsson.- Chapter 2: Definition and Identification of FAS.- Understanding the Methods for Diagnosing FASD; Sterling Clarren.- Imaging Brain Structure in FASD; Sarah Treit and Christian BeaulieuScreening and Assessment of FASD in a Youth Justice System: Comparing Different Methodologies; Deepa Singal, Teresa Brown, Sally Longstaffe, Mary Kate Harvie, Trevor Markesteyn, and Albert E. Chudley.- Chapter 3: Characteristics of People with FASD.- Social Incompetence of FASD Offenders: Risk-Awareness as a Factor in Criminal Culpability; Stephen Greenspan and George Woods.- Understanding the Neurobehavioral Deficits and Psycholegal Capacities of Individuals with FASD in the Criminal Justice System; Kaitlyn McLachlan and Carmen Rasmussen.- FASD in Adult Populations: Clinical and Forensic Considerations; Jerrod Brown, Nikki Freeman, Hal Pickett, Erin Watts, and Aaron Trnka.- Chapter 4: Sentencing and Support of People with FASD.-Introduction; FASD and the Revolving Door of Criminal Justice; Fia Jampolsky.- FASD and Competency to Stand Trial: An Exploratory Review; Jerrod Brown, Jeffrey Haun, Patricia A. Zapf, and Tricia Aiken.- Clinical and Ethical Issues when Completing Decision-Making Capacity Evaluations with People Diagnosed with FASD; Arlin Pachet and Avril J. Keller.- Legislative Impediments to Judicial Consideration of Moral Blameworthiness in Sentencing FASD Affected Offenders - a Canadian perspective; Jonathan Rudin.- FASD in a Youth Criminal Defense Office; Cathy Lane Goodfellow.- Chapter 5: Societal Issues.- Risk, Needs, Responsivity: Rethinking FASD in the Criminal Justice System; Jacqueline Pei and Andrew Burke.- FASD and Firesetting: An Exploratory Review; Jerrod Brown, Anthony P. Wartnik, Sarah Herrick, Kathi Osmonson, Margaret R. Wimberley, and Patricia Jones.- Appendix A: Consensus Statement on Legal Issues of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).- Editors and contributors.
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