Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Place-Based Transformations and Transitions

Audretsch, David B.; Sussan, Fiona; Stam, Erik; O'Connor, Allan

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book features latest research insights into the study of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The book argues that regardless of how the concept of a place' is defined, be it cities, regions, nations or otherwise, the impact of new technologies will influence much of our business, social, and economic landscapes.
Entrepreneurial Ecosystems.- Deconstructing the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Concept.- Institutional Dynamism In Entrepreneurial Ecosystems.- Place-based Triadic Ecosystem for Business-University-Government Entrepreneurship.- Theorising the University Governance Role in an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.- Entrepreneurial ecosystems, regional competitiveness and economic inertia: Is there a role for specialist intermediary organizations?.- Regional entrepreneurship ecosystems support: South East Queensland as case study.- Where are the spiders? Proximities and Access to the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: the Case of Polish Migrant Entrepreneurs in Glasgow.- Viva Las Vegas? Measuring the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem for Las Vegas.- Measuring Entrepreneurial Ecosystems.
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